Privacy Policy

This policy explains the ways in which our company (name) and any of its related products / services collect, store and process information. The policy details all steps beginning with you – the client – visiting our website to ordering and receiving a product or service.

A: When you – the client – visits our company website, you accept the guidelines, rules and conditions elaborated throughout this privacy policy. This also applies to the situations where you visit and use our company’s products, services and other information individually or as a complete package. This policy is also subject to change with the passage of time. By visiting the website and using our products and services, you agree to our data collection, usage and disclosure procedures.

B: The company gathers, stores and processes any or all the following general categories of information;

  • Your visit of the company website, duration of stay on the webpage and the use of each webpage within the website.
  • Information regarding your device’s operating system, web browser type and location.
  • Your time-zone.
  • The title/URL of each webpage you visit and the number of visits made (This information is gathered by the help of cookies).
  • Any personal information, subject or topic-specific information, that you provide through our live-chat service.
  • Personally-Identifiable-Information (PII) that you provide during your registration with our website: This information may include email ID, Facebook Username, date of birth, gender, current location and education.
  • Information about your names allows us in identifying your role, need and capabilities while at the website.

C: Cookies Policy

As indicated earlier, our website makes use of cookies in order to gather and utilize general information about internet use, specifically when you visit our company website. Please be advised that the term “cookies” refers to files that are placed by your computer/device’s browser on your hard disk. Cookies are exclusively client-based. The use of cookies by our company website ‘’ allows us to provide you with a highly personalized and unique experience while on our website.

Additionally, our website may also – at times – collect and store other information, such as user domain, IP addresses and unique session IDs along with the type of browser that you may be using. This information is not classified as Personally Identifiable and is only attributable to the processing and retrieval of statistical findings related to our website visitors. To be specific, this information allows in determining the most common web browsers being used by our customers, the common operating systems or platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows OS, and the location of clients. Such information facilitates our team in realigning our products and services as per our customers, their preferences and demands.

One key reason behind the use of cookies – only if you agree to the Use of Cookies disclaimer – is that it allows us to help you save your valuable time. We realize the extreme importance of time and a sense of urgency that you may face during your academic journey, which is why we strive towards the delivery of highly efficient products and services without any hindrances. For example, our website allows you to personalize the webpages at, especially when you sign up with the website. This information allows the website to automatically recall your preferences and provide you with only the most relevant products and services available. It also eliminates the need to provide the same information over and over again.

If you still don’t want our website to collect or store cookies, all you have to do is decline the cookie policy disclaimer when you first visit the website. The disclaimer pops-up right in the middle of the webpage so you do not have to worry about finding it. However, it is important that you know that there may be 3rd-party integrations on our website, such as the payment gateway and other partners that may collect their own cookies without prompting any disclaimers. Our website shall not be held accountable in the event that you find such data collection inappropriate.

The server is specially configured to use information regarding your IP address to determine your location and preferred language of the webpage. The IP address corresponds to specific countries, thereby allowing us to detect the language and provide an option to have the content translate via Google Translate integration or continue using English as the standard language. This IP address is only during the time of your visit session on the website.

D: Payment Information Processing

We understand the critical nature of payment information that you provide us and trust us with. In order to process your payments – full information in the payment policy – we take every precaution to make the transactions as accurate and secure as possible. We strictly discourage unauthorized access or disclosure of your payment information. We achieve secure transactions through standard TLS encryption and accompanying Secure-Service-Layer (SSL) protocol for the protection of your online payment mediums. Our website does not – in any means – store your Credit Card or online payment information.

Key payment related information includes your name, address, credit / debit card type and service provider.

E: Disclosure and Distribution of Information strictly discourages the open or public disclosure of your information, which may include names, addresses, contact information and email addresses. However, our website does distribute this information across the main server and application servers. This distribution makes it easier for the company to process, store and analyze your information to further enhance your experience.

F: Changes to the Privacy Policy

As a standard best-practice, updates its privacy policy each year. Changes may be significant or minimal depending on the ongoing transitions in the business world. The privacy policy reflects changes in the means of business operations, methods of payment, additional or exclusion of products and services, new or diversified threats. It may also reflect changes levied or imposed by the national or state level laws, regulations, policies and treaties.